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disposal & fuel tank services

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BJS Services, Inc.


We are currently disposing of water, fuel, sand traps, grease, oil, septic and sludge.  If you have waste that isn't listed - let's talk, we are here to learn and grow as new opportunities arise.

60-Day Sump Inspection

In order to cut back on multiple trips and higher costs to you, BJS crews will remove any liquids from sumps, spill buckets, fuel tanks, monitor well, dispensers, etc. while performing 60-day inspections and dispose as needed.

Fuel Filter & Line Purging

We have techs available to inspect and change fuel filters as well as purge the fuel lines.

Hydro Jetting

With our high pressure water jet we can break up and remove all debris from pipes, traps, and tanks as needed.

Tank Wash

We can be on-site for any tank wash and provide our patented chemical for a deeper cleaning.